Heather Hayes “A Nation Held Hostage” SUD Talk 2017

Heather Hayes was the Visionary Speaker at SUD Talks 2017: U.S. for SUD is an opportunity for individuals, communities and cities across the country to join together in a national conversation and engage in a united call-to-action.

Heather Hayes Discusses Prince’s Opioid Overdose on CNN

30-year interventionist and criminal profiler, Heather Hayes, appears on CNN to lend some insight into Prince’s death from overdose to opioid painkillers.

Heather Hayes on Dr Oz Show

Heather Hayes Helps a Family in Need of Intervention on Dr. Oz.

Interventionist Heather Hayes appears on the Dr. Oz Show to help one family discover their options to help their daughter finally become free of her heroin addiction.

Heather Hayes Discusses the Internal Consequences of Addiction

Heather Hayes, an interventionist from Atlanta, GA, talks about the internal consequences of addiction and how it affects the high-functioning alcoholic. Heather also shares her passion for helping young adults get sober and change their lives before it’s too late.